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 Posted: Sat Dec 13th, 2008 09:10 pm
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Please read the following before going into the forum. This page is to introduce the MOT Forum and give some basic information about how it works and how to use it.

A Forum (or Bulletin Board) provides a way for MOT Testing website visitors to interact with each other rather than just passively viewing the web pages.

Users can interact on two different levels - if you have a specific query or problem you may search the forums and see if others have already raised the question, and view the various answers by clicking on the links. If that is all you wish to do, then you may remain un-registered, viewing the forum as a 'Guest'.

However, if you want to ask a question which has not been raised before, or possibly even add to an answer which has been given by someone else, or take part in a discussion, you will need to register, and become a 'Member'.
Bear in mind that the providers of this forum are not responsible for the opinions of the members.

This merely entails giving yourself a 'username' and password by which you can be recognised each time you re-visit the forum and 'log in'. You may wish to provide more details about yourself, but that is completely up to you - it is understood that MOT professionals will probably wish to remain anonymous and thereby express opinions or describe situations which they might otherwise keep to themselves.

The MOT Forum is divided into two categories - Trade and Public. If you are in the trade and wish to discuss any aspect of the trade - equipment, regulations, computerisation for example - click on the relevant links and see if there is a forum and topic dealing with the issue you wish to discuss. If there is not, feel free to register and start a topic or even suggest a new forum. There may or may not be other users online and you may not receive feedback immediately, but you can log in again later to see if anyone has responded, or you can opt to receive an email (automatically generated by the forum software - your email address is not visible to anyone unless you ask for it to be) informing you when someone has replied to your query or topic.

You may wish to contribute to someone else's topic, or give the benefit of your experience to someone - especially if you are in the trade and are able to give your opinion on a question in the 'Public' category.

The 'Public' category is where members of the public may post queries about the MOT. They may wish to find out whether their vehicle will fail on a particular item, or they may be confused as to why it failed. MOT Testing professionals are invited to give their insight if they have appropriate knowledge.

Click on the Forum or Topic names to go to that Forum or Topic, to navigate back, click on the 'path' which appears under the MOT Testing logo at the top left of the window. Clicking on the logo takes you back to the very top

What CAN'T I do?
You may not:

defame, malign or libel individuals or business entities

be rude to other users. Address the issue rather than the individual
be argumentative or scornful (state your case and leave it at that - readers will decide who is making sense)

Please do not be competitive if someone posts an answer which is different from yours - readers will just switch off - leave the reader to judge for him or her self.

NO ADVERTISING. Do not advertise or promote products, unless relevant to a particular case; if it looks like you are promoting your own product, your post will be removed.
If you are persistently rude or argumentative, or repeatedly post links to products or services in which you have an interest, you will be banned.

Don't post your telephone number, email address or website address. If you need to communicate with someone on the forum use the Private Message feature (click on their name and select the Private Message option).

Do not insert commercial web addresses / urls into posts - they will be deleted.

Your username may not be a web url or email address.

Finally: If your question is answered, don't forget to say thanks – the professionals on here donate their time free!

Click on the 'Help' button for more information about using the Forum.

What is 'Mana'?
Adding 'Mana' is a method by which you may signify approval of a Member - they may have given you some very useful information or made a significant contribution to a topic. The more people who add Mana to a Member's profile, the more the buttons turn green, so others may recognise an authoritative Member. Click on the Member's name to find the option to 'Add Mana', view their profile or send a private message.

Please note that MOT Testing Magazine provides this forum purely as a facilty for its website visitors and while incorrect, mischievous, profane, irrelevant or obscene material will be removed as soon as we become aware of it, we take no responsibilty for or give any undertaking as to the wisdom or veracity of any posting whatsoever. Please also note that anyone posting offensive, rude or inappropriate material, or attempting to involve or recruit others in any unlawful activity will have their IP address permanently blocked from this forum.

Please also note that any posts of a commercial nature or containing commercial solicitations will also be removed; while referencing other websites is allowed where the subject warrants it, promoting or diverting users to websites which the user has an interest in will result in an immediate ban.

All original images posted by users remain the copyright of that user (or the original rightful owner) and the image may not be copied or distributed without the permission of the copyright owner.

(Don't forget to bookmark the Forum so that you can come straight back in the future).

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