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 Posted: Tue Jul 17th, 2007 09:38 pm
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bang on,you test whichever is the older engine or car.YOU need to prove that the engine is pre cat.the cut off date is pre august 1992 so whichever engine you fit needs documentary evidence that it is earlier than this(preferably a letter from vehicle manufacturer)no 2.0 xe lumps were ever built that were not designed to run a closed loop(cat)system but many redtops/ecotecs were built/sold pre 1992.the engine number is on the casting web at the front-next to the exhaust manifold and just above the 19mm gearbox mount bolt.just a thought but an illegible engine code at that age would probably mean a non cat test..........

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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 02:24 pm
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It should be tested according which is older the engine or the vehicle, onus is on you as the vehicle presenter to prove the age of the engine.

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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 01:46 am
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Ste L

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basically i've heard a few different things regarding this..

at the moment, i've got a corsa on an M reg so it requires a cat as standard.

im planning to stick a 2.0 16v from a cav in it, and im not sure about the cat, will i need one or not..


i asked a local mot place and he said i need one no matter what.


but i've also been told that, if the engine is a 20xe (pre cat version) i dont need to run a cat

and finally been told by someone else, that it doesn't matter what c20xe engine it is, that the mot place will test it as a 2.0 corsa, which was never build and wont be listed on the computer so they cant do the normal emmisions test on it, and will have to do a pre cat test?


this is all confusing, im gussing i'll probably need a cat, which will mean, bodging the cav cat on, due to the bigger bore than the standard corsa item.


cheers Steven

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