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Left Hand Drive RFRs  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2008 10:24 pm
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nearside refers side nearest to kirb uk road and offside well easy!! but can see where your coming for gas analyser mines the same!! heard a rumour that in the not so distant future we will need a EOBD "european on board diagnosis " that gets plugged into vehicle thats for mot and the car tells the computer how its running and if its a pass or fail on emissions:shock:

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 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2008 08:57 pm
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Whats the consensus for rfr's on lhd motors. With the old system, pre puter, we were able to very specific if any items failed the criteria, ( right side outer c/v gaiter split ect ).

Now we only have the drop down selections to choose from. So using the above rfr as reference, do we fail as offside, because we drive on the left, or nearside because the steering wheel is on the left. Then you have the rear fog light issue ! !

Yes, I now the regs,. but you see where I'm comming from as far as presenters are concerned, and reception personnel

 Had a Spanish reg Partner last week with just this sort of issue luckily the customer wanted us to repair the vehicle so there was no confusion, but if the vehicle had been taken away for fixing ! !

Whats your opinions people.

One more issue while I'm here - do all EGA's BET test @ the higher Co limit 0.02 ect before going to vehicle specific or is it just mine.


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