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 Posted: Mon Aug 17th, 2009 08:14 pm
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My brother in law who has a pit only tests cars on his own.. Im sorry if i sound thick, but if he does not use one (Assistant) in a pit then what is the difference if i were to use a 2/4 post ramp?

kev1975 wrote:
good point about that , also if you go down the route of atl you will not have the wages of an assistant to pay , so another saving that will eventually pay for itself , in the long term.


Yep i can see where you are coming from..Maybe i should have worded it better.. If i were to get 2nd hand equipment my out lay would be low..After a year or two of testing i could buy the ATL as you say..
I was just trying to see what you guy's use of prefer to use...The pros and con's of the equipment.

Also does anyone know what are the size regulations for the mot bay.. By this i mean size (length/width etc)..Found one for motorbikes but not for cars..

I am here to learn...