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 Posted: Mon Aug 17th, 2009 09:53 pm
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Hi kev,

No he does not have shaker plates. All his bay has is the roller brake tester..Open pit with hyd jack, beam tester and the turning plate where the front wheels sit on,and the emisson tester... In fact i can honestly say that the MOT bay has not changed in at least 10 years or more..
I thought it was strange as there was NO mirrors for him to be able to see the rear lights on testing??
After reading VOSA stuff i had a butchers around while my car was being tested and he did not have all the posters up..Smart card was left in the office on the computer..Mot documents left out for other customers...a waiting area where a tramp would refuse to wait..I didnt say nothing to him as it's his business and id probally get told to f**k off. lol..

Please bear in mind that my brother in law does nothing apart from swan about here and there and let's a tester answer the phone,book the cars in,test them and do everything else.I just get the feeling that my brother in law is in it for the money and dont really give a s***.And he is always fully booked at £50 a go as well...:?

kev1975 wrote:
if your brother in law tests cars on a pit without an assistant does he have shaker plates etc ?