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 Posted: Wed Aug 19th, 2009 06:42 pm
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yeah i have heard alot of people prefer the pit..Out of interest how much did the pit cost to build?
I like the idea of putting air line/shelf ect in..:D

Will bear the smoke tester thing in mind as well..
cheers mate ;)

relisys wrote: My set up which is now 2 years old also has a pit but I always have to use an assistant. I went for the pit because it allows we to work on vans when there are no mot's booked in.  Its a 2 bay set up with pit and beam setter in bay one and brake tester in bay 2. Get some plans drawn up and get VOSA to approve them, dont accept a verbal yes like I did.

My pit is made out of blocks, contrete floor and agle iron for the top rails.  I also left a enclosed shelf for tools etc and installed lights, air line and power sockets.

I submitted plans that the equipment suppliers drew, got a VOSA visit and agreement then started work. When everything was finsihed they came in to sign off and decided the turn plates were 3 inches to far apart. This even though it was in accordance with plans they agreed to.  So I ended up cutting out new concrete to move the turn plates.

Oh and another thing, do not get a smoke tester with blue tooth, mine keeps losig the signal and has been nothing but trouble