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 Posted: Sat Sep 12th, 2009 12:15 am
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Dynamic Balance wrote: I think every argument is six of one and half the dozen of the other with business relations. I have seen in my time many people ripped off by garages, and I have seen customers who have no paid their invoices, who is right and wrong at the end of the day?

Let's say a customer has a service and does not pay for it, the garage lets the vehicle go by some agreement and then never gets paid, that's the garages fault. Then the owner is disgruntled because he has been ripped off, so wants the money back, then the next customer arrives through the door and has £600 of work done on their motor. While driving home that customer gets a road side check and the vehicle is prohibited, the customer shows the receipt and hey, the customer has been ripped off.

Now turn the situation on its head and look at it the opposite way, the argument is six of one and half a dozen of the other is it not?

When I started my present job at this garage I am at a few years ago, a customer who was a regular each year came in for an mot test, this was my first year there. The Vaxhall Cavalier required welding to both the nearside and offside front suspension prescribed areas, and the customer a plumber by trade made his own fuel filler neck out of drain pipe, the only problem he had was that he needed a flange making to seal the fuel cap properly, but other than that he had done a good job.

The customer spoke to the AE who gave him a price for the welding repairs and other bits, the AE kept the car for a day then issued a VT20, the customer left happy.

12 months later the customer returns and I remember the car, I do my pre-checks and hey, the fuel cap flange is just the same?

I test the car but all the prescribed areas which I chalked up the previous year are all still excessively corroded, which I fail again. The customer arrives and says he paid for all this the previous year and he is not paying it again, the customer has never returned since.

Bad customers or bad garages or both, what is the answer?

I gave one example above, this type of thing goes on every day, how come VOSA seem never to pick up on any of this?


Hi DB,

Obviously, A "Scenario/Example" of what can, might, and possibly does happen.:shock:

The Program, Was about Other Businesses Experiencing such issues that "We" in The Motortrade have experienced for many years.;)

It seemed a bit de-ja-vu, And as such, I was able to browse from the "Outside";)

It Wasn`t about "Cowboy Businesses" Carrying out "Poor Workmanship", "BUT" about "Joe Public" Extracting the Urine" Out of "Genuine Businesses Providing A Good Service" And Never Getting Paid!:shock:



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