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 Posted: Tue Sep 22nd, 2009 11:15 pm
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Dynamic Balance wrote: Wesley wrote: castrolrob wrote: its always been the case that certain members/fraternities of our society will take advantage by stopping cheques/driving off etc,the do as you likeys that infest every garage at one time or another are only the most common/obvious example.nothing new about it,just make sure you got the car until the cheque clears...

Is the keeping of the vehicle got something to do with an "Act of Leon"?:? cant really remember that part.;)

Had one many years back now who tried the "drive off" option, we disabled his vehicle on the forecourt and he stomped off down the road to the plod, by the time they got back to us, the "bald tyres" were re-fitted, "you cant keep my car" he protested so we gave him his keys back, he drove off the forecourt and the plod nicked him.:D


You can only hold a customers vehicle called "Lien" Torts Interference with Goods if money is owed to you by that vehicle. If a customer presents a vehicle to you in any condition, dangerous or not but owes you NO money, they are entitled to drive that vehiicle away even if you advise them it is dangerous.


Hi DB,

So thats an "Act of Lien" then? Whats the Torts Interference part?:?