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 Posted: Wed Sep 23rd, 2009 12:10 am
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Hi Guys,

"A Long time ago"........, Way......., Before.......,Any...., "SVA" Requirements........,;).  There Was, "Always" An "Engineers Report" Requirement for Any modifications, eg; engines, suspensions, brakes, kit cars etc etc; Which were normally carried out at your Local Garage or Testing Station, Letter Compiled.;)

A recent enquiry requests Information regarding a "Cat C Repair," In which We are Advised covers the VIC check, Which is as posted checked at a Vosa Station.

Is this an Acceptable Check on the Condition or Roadworthiness of a vehicle to the Current Requirements and All of the Current Regulations Concerned, Or Does the requirement to have an "Engineers Report" Still Stand?:?   

Thanks Guys,

Laters, Wes.;)