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 Posted: Tue Sep 29th, 2009 01:07 am
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I came from the insurance industry so I can tell you that:

CAT A - Vehicle must be destroyed by registered breaker with all identification such as VIN plate removed.  This is cases such as burnt out vehicles

CAT B - Vehicle must be broken for spare parts only by registered breaker and can not be issued with V5 etc. All identification must be removed ie VIN plate. Cases where vehicle has been compromised or identity unknown ie roof cut off follwing accident, cloned vehicle original identity unknown

CAT C - Vehicle sold as salvage usually to registered breakers as cost of repair exceeds ABI repair cost formula.  This is usually where cost or repair is pretty clear ie heavy impact so you know cost exceeds cars value. 

CAT D - Cost of repair likly to exceed value, usually where there is a probability of other damage that may not be easily visable, say car has mounted kerb and in addition to say drive shaft damage may be internal gearbox damage but you dont know for sure.

VIC establishes identity of repaired vehicle and has no bearing on damage or quality f repair.

We never asked for engineers reports unless a claim was made at a later date. Say that you repaired a CAT C and then you were in an accident and the repair was substandard but had no impact on your accident, for instance poor colour match on paint and poor panel fit, we would simply reduce your claim pay out to reflect condition of vehicle.  We would use in house engineers to inspect for this purpose.

Sorry its long winded but I hpe that helps.