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 Posted: Thu Jun 14th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Hello Douglas

Sorry i havent replied earlier, the wifes had a baby and its been manic.

Watched the dvd once and fairly brieftly due to the little one coming along. Dont have much time at the minute. I seem to do the test totally different to the dvd. I drive the vehicle onto the shaker plates, not the turning plates. Then do the in car checks. Then start from offside front and work my way round the car to the rear then to the nearside front. Checking seat belts, fuel cap, sharp edges, etc. Then i check the lights, front then back. After that everthing off, Check under bonnet, then start engine, apply brake pedal applicator and check everything under bonnet again. I will also turn on the skaker plate and the steering plate on to check any exposed steering/suspension bits. Then close the bonnet. done.

Then raise the car. Everything off. Start at osf wheel, down along the outer sill, across to the nsr outer sill, back upto the nsf. Also checked tyre size/ rotation as well. Then basically follow the manual route from then on. After i have completed the  underside check as in the bible i will then jack the back up. Do the checks, then jack the front up. After doing the checks lower the car down, and then check the suspension/steering using the shaker plates. After that i will lower the car down, drive it onto the free turning plates and apply the brake pedal applicator. so the engine is running and the brake system under pressure. Put the car up and then check the exhaust/brakes/fuel systems. After this i will then lower the car down halfway, take the brake pedal applicator away, but leave the engine running. Then do the manual lock to lock check. I keep the engine running due to power steering being fitted. Ater this put the car on the deck again and get in the vehicle and do a lock to lock check in the car. Finished!!

Have i confused you even more?? It really is nt that bad. This was the route i took when our vosa man came round to check and he seemed happy at the time. But he was probably fairly new to the atl route too.  I  think it is so much better. We do still have an old test lane where we use an assistant and i hate this method now. With the atl you can just get on with the test and not have to wait for someone. Like i said before i think the test quality is much better. For example i was testing a vehicle the other day and was checking the outer ball joint at the front. I decided it was a pass/advise. Then i checked it with the shaker plates and found alot more play in the joint and failed it. It made me think!!

Hope this helps. I say go for it. At least you wont have to employ any assistants. Thats at least £10000 saved for each one. Well on the way for the cost of an atl.

all the best