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 Posted: Sun Jan 17th, 2010 12:17 am
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I Haven`t Attended One Yet,:shock:

But the Feedback from persons who actually Have is "Shocking"!:shock::shock:

The Only Thing that I can Personally relate to concerning the latests "Seminars" Is, "Animal Farm" written by "George Orwell"!:?

"Do As I Say" and "Not as I Do"!:shock:

One of the latest "Options" is to have a "CCTV" Link from the MOT Inspection Bay, to the more Comfortable "Waiting Area" (Reception) rather than or as well as the obligatory, "Viewing Area".

The "Question" asked, "What If" the "CCTV System" has an "Issue" or a total "Failure"?

This then Deteriorated Into a "debate" between,"the members and representatives on the "top table", "Our Gods"!:shock::?

So, Now We Have "The", "Mr Man" Hi Cocker,;) and All His Laccies and Arse Lickers, who are trying to impress someone to try and "save" their own jobs, bleating like demented "sheep" baah,:P just to save their own butt!:P



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