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 Posted: Mon Feb 15th, 2010 07:13 pm
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Opinion is that its a very nice bike.
a good 20 HP more than the next best at the back wheel.
The most impressive bit though is the Traction control.
I had it in rain mode at first which gives 150 Hp and a slower throttle response, The bike felt like a normal jap litrebike, but with a slighty lazier throttle response.
I any of the other modes its just mind blowing, "Slick" mode feels like you are operating the throttle butterflies with your hand its so responsive.

£12.5 K (same as a 2010 Yamaha r1) They are going to sell them by the shedload.

I reckon, when its run-in and with the ram air effect 200 hp at the wheel is gettable from a stock bike!


If you do get an RSV4 Stealth let me know as I have some spare extinguishers at work that are OK for electrical fires!

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