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 Posted: Tue Feb 23rd, 2010 08:00 pm
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Hi ive used tecalemit,bradbury,crypton and sun(snap on). If i bought an atl lane it would be the sun with the 4 post. 2 reasons i prefer 4 post to scissor is that you can duck both sides of the ramp to assess sill corrosion on inner and outer sills-with a scissor you have to walk round which can be a pain if testing the same area of corrosion. The other reason i prefer 4 post is the "magic eye" on the tecalemit is right in the way of where you would jack most vehicles so when youve sent it up the ramp won come back down unless you push the vehicle back to jack it up-again time consuming and general pain in the a**e. Also emissions machine wise the sun is the only one you can  visibly check the values of the CO and lambda before hitting the button and starting the test. others just start to count down and if one of the values is slightly out it takes you straight to the full cat test. Some cars need more pre conditioning and the sun machines allow you to monitor this before starting the fast idle-i just find it much easier to know where you stand-again saves time. The only downside id say with the sun ATL is the noise from the shaker plates rattling the the safety latches on all 4 corners of the ramp but i have heard they have been modified since?

At the place where i used the sun we were averaging 140 tests per week on two identical bays. All the equipment performed well-one ramp blew a guide roller after 2 years and the emissions machines liked a clean out at least twice a week. The brake testers never failed but loved a printer ribbon or two!

If not then MAHA-built to order but much more costly than any of the others by far