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 Posted: Sat May 29th, 2010 08:48 pm
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blom wrote: Stealth, you are right , i did ask about high level stop  lights and more important running or daylights and was told its  March next year but dont know if its front only, i will be changing my car at that time and will be date of manufactured or registered.


Most changes to legislation from an MOT point of view are worked out upon date of first use rather than manufacture. Saves the hassle of trying to work out when something was built. Chances are any new car around that time will have day running (or ruining if you prefer) lights as manufacturers alter things in advance of legislation changes.

As far as day running lights are concerned for me the EU can stick them as far as physically possible up their arses. It's not like we're subjected to 6 months of twilight in Britain no matter how crap the weather can get.

 However judging by the crop of German manufactured cars with them fitted now it would appear to be front fitment only. Whether they become testable items in the future we will wait and see I guess.

High level stop lights were first required to be fitted in europe in 1998 although for UK MOT purposes if one is fitted and doesn't work it is considered to be unwired and cannot fail the test, however a recent amendment to the test following the introduction of LED lighting (again mainly down to our German friends) requires at least 50% of the light sources to work where multiple bulbs (or diodes) are used so if just one bulb of a strip lights up it should fail if the tester is up to speed on things.