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 Posted: Sun May 30th, 2010 01:31 am
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Stealth wrote: Wesley wrote:
Hi Stealth,

This seems to be a very "grey" area? of the vosa criteria.:? 

Is It a "Navara D22" or is It a "Navara D40"?:?



I'll hang my head in shame at my mistake Wes - and Spongebob  :dude:

After a bit of trawling through back issues of Matters Of Testing I found this ........

Take the Nissan…

One vehicle we know to be causing problems for testers is the Nissan Navara. The only information on the manufacturer’s plate is the DGW and axle weights – in the case of the Navara, we already know that they are all over 3,000 kg DGW.

Because the unladen weight figure for the Navara is not available, it’s impossible to say whether or not they fall under the classification of dual purpose. To overcome this difficulty, VOSA has agreed with the Department for Transport (DfT) that these can be tested as Class 4.

Adding the exclusion of dual purpose vehicles to the goods vehicle definition in the MVTR was intended to prevent certain Land Rover goods vehicles with a DGW of over 3,000 kg falling under the Goods Vehicle Plating and Testing scheme.

Class IV it is - at the moment - ;)

Hi Stealth,

not your bad,;):P

a navara D22 is "less" than 3000kgs, on the plate, and a navara D40 is slightly "over" 3000kgs.;)

the same as those old landies,;)

Since the Class V11 introduction,? and the latest SN Proposals, many "eons" later than your last paragraph, above, vosa choose to propose changes?:?

should this issue have been addressed when, "Class V11" Was First Introduced?:?

thus alleviating Us of All missconceptions and uncertaincies about what weight of vehicle we are allowed to test in a specified "Class"??:?




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