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 Posted: Tue Jul 6th, 2010 10:17 pm
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gluther wrote: Slightly off the topic, our disc arrived yesterday, we are not on the peace of mind package!

We were charged £199 +VAT(20% discount as we were selected as a special customer!!)

Loaded the disc as per the instructions, entered the validation code or what ever they call it, didn't work! Called the helpline in the end, "oh yes had some problems with the codes" gave me another code down the phone and all was well........

Until later on in the day, 1st diesel test with the update. 1st test after 6 runs, when it should of passed after 3, machine voided result, excess drift! OK had this now and again, so did another test. 6 more runs (3 should of done) machine failed vehicle, was showing a limit of only 1.5. New low limit for vehicles after July 2008 is the main part of the update, so thought fair enough may of selected wrong date as new program is slightly different with extra selection screens. So did a 3rd test making sure I selected the correct date, same result again, failed, limit too low!!

Called the helpline, was told they have just found out about this! The software is wrong, you have to select the opposite date range to the one that you require, as the options are swapped around! They will be sending out a replacement disc soon!!

So all in all must of wasted a couple of hours over this £200 update!!

Rant over!!

I experienced similar,

so opted to restore, awaiting a second disc in case the original was intended for our other gas analyser?

thanks for the info.