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 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2011 10:52 pm
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I was advised by a VOSA trainer many years ago to pass and advise brake pipes where the presenter had grease over them, however he also said that if the NT chose to remove the grease that it was permissible, but must put grease back on the pipes.

To be honest in my life time testing vehicles I have had a few pipes burst in the rollers, even leak after brake servo checks, and where brake pipes have grease or surface corrosion present I don't make a song and dance about it, I just pass and advise:D

Reading some threads on this forum over time I think some NT's are too worried about the future:?, as on senior VE once said to me, if you pass and advise a wheel bearing free play with about 3 to 4 mm present, and when the presenter of the vehicle drives it out of your VTS onto the open road and the wheel fell off, its nothing to do with the mot scheme and the NT has nothing to worry about.

On another occassions at a seminar, a trainer said in response to my question on brakes, if after completing the park brake efficiency test the park brake did not release, and therefore the brake was binding, he said that is nothing to do with the mot test, its passed?

I think VOSA's view of the scheme standards are a lot lower than maybe the NT's are expecting them to be:shock: