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 Posted: Sat Mar 5th, 2011 09:20 pm
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Has the rfr for screen washers just changed ?

"There was an old reason for rejection that said something like windscreen washers did not provide any liquid to clear the swept area, now VOSA say that "ONLY" one washer needs to provide liquid, and this can be on the passenger's side of the vehicle, i.e. the swept area, so when driving along the motorway with a HGV in front straight out of the quarry, totally spraying your front end of your vehicle with mud, it's OK because you have one washer jet to clear the swpet area and ZONE A effectively, then your safe"

As far as I can tell the book say's
The windscreen washers do not provide enough liquid to clear the windscreen in conjunction with the wiper(s).
There dosen't seem to be any numbers mentioned, so if it dosnt spray on both sides of the screen it aint providing enough liquid, so surly no water on either side fails, or am i missing somthing??