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 Posted: Wed Apr 20th, 2011 05:39 pm
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KevG wrote: I checked today. (With Vosa) If the VTS goes into SAT. no need to call Vosa just carry on in SAT.

Device will store up to 6 tests.

No fall back testing required, (apparently its a common mistake to use fallback).


I did a bit of 'looking up in the manual' regards stand alone testing .

The stand alone testing function is only available for 4 hours, after that if VTS's are still experiencing problems they should contact Siemens and ask for an extension.

In this circumstance Siemens will issue an 'authorisation' number which allows the VTS to conduct further stand alone testing.

This would be the 'authorisation' code that Wesley was referring to in his earlier post.


Bright Ideas

Fallback testing is used when there is a fault with the VTS device and where this fault only affect one individual VTS.

Stand alone was devised as a sort of intermediate solution short of the declaration of Emergency Testing, as I would imagine that there will be some sort of penalty clause built into the Siemens/VOSA contract where Emergency Testing has to be invoked.