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 Posted: Wed Apr 20th, 2011 05:47 pm
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Bright Ideas?


Wesley wrote: Again today, "fao" bi, "AUTO" SAT,;):P

 12.00 Test, in "sat", 14.00 Test, normal service resumed.;):cool:

ps; "bi",  which specific SN are You referring to?:?

The SN I have is SN 5/2007.

We had a problem with our phone line, apparently the AE's fault, he changed the service provider and did not advise them of the specifications the line required for MOT Computurisation.

Our system malfunctioned and an onscreen message went into SAT Mode, like many NT's I just followed the onscreen instructions for the first day of testing, then the second day the computer SAT Mode advised that a CODE was required, so I advised my AE and he came to me a little while later and said that I should not have used SAT MODE, and that I should contact Siemens and use FALLBACK Testing, my AE also said that VOSA would be contacting me because I had used Computerisation incorrectly, which is why I said what I said previously.

I have searched through my special notices and can't find to date any further instructions via a later SN that advises anything contrary to what Kevg has said in his thread.

It looks like my AE is full of wind and can't be trusted:X

Sorry if I originally put the wrong idea across, you just can't trust people:(