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 Posted: Mon Jun 27th, 2011 06:31 pm
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I am currently in the process of looking at setting up an MOT station, my experience is only in car sales but I have an opportunity to expand, being technically new to this I am trying to do as much research as possible.

I find the VOSA web site very unfriendly for setting up and they just point you to businss link. Their website is better but doesn't reall answer my questions.  On finally getting hold of VOSA to ask questions their answers did not inspire confidence hence why I am on here.

My initial concern is the lack of clear equipment list criteria, I would like to go down the ATL route for one person, being in the trade I have been offered various equipment second hand but i am not sure if it will suffice. 

My questions include

Does the lift size matter 3 ton or 4 ton?

What is the definining equipment for ATL which differentiates it from standard TLs, eg what wont fit on to older equipment?

How do I know in advance ifany equipment is VOSA authorised before I purchase?

I am looking for detail which I just can't seem to find clearly stated anywhere so any links would be useful.

Thanks for your help.