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 Posted: Tue Jun 28th, 2011 08:36 pm
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Based on what you asked and what has been said here hopefully I can shed some light...

As has been correctly stated, should you go down the second hand route you need to ensure that the equipment manufacturer supports a retrospective upgrade i.e play detectors or brake tester to allow conformance to the scheme. The regulations regarding ATL were first released in 1995, therefore equipment manufactured prior to this date is unlikely to be upgradeable to ATL. You need this evidence anyway as VOSA will require a letter from the lift manufacturer that the lift is designed for the play detectors before they will approve you. As far as the RBT is concerned again check the list of acceptable equipment for which you can cross reference products that may be suitable for upgrade.

The new equipment option gives you 2 options. Either an ATL bay, obviously!, or an upgradeable bay where some manufacturers have both lift and rbt options capable of the necessary retro-fit equipment.

Grandfathering you can forget as you are / will be a new VE, therefore you will have to comply with the scheme at the point at which your Approval In Principle is issued after your VT01 application. Even if you take over an old station, you will have to apply to the current regulations.

Trust this helps