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 Posted: Tue Jun 28th, 2011 08:54 pm
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Thanks for the responses it is starting to make sense but why isn't there some defining document from VOSA, the clause below will mean more to those who are currently running an MOT bay and not one who is looking to set it up hence my research.

So some more questions  ATL / OPTL what are the major differences doesn't everyone operate a OPTL currently?

There is a continual mention of approved list of equipment, I have trawled and search the VOSA website but nothing returns on the search does anyone have a link?

When I phoned up VOSA I asked if second hand equipment is acceptable to be put on hold whilst they checked, they couldn't really answer any other questiuons unless I submit an application. Hence the title.  I could stay in sales and tick along but I have an opportunitry to expand but I need to know every detail every potential flaw before I commit.  Is it possible to have a genuine conversation with VOSA in advance of my commitment or are we dealing with bureacratic service and just put a business link link on their website.


5. Equipment Requirements.

5.1 Major Equipment:

a) a means of allowing the underside of vehicles to be properly examined without obstruction or hindrance; (fitted with steering and suspension play detectors on the VOSA List of Acceptable Equipment if an Automated Test Lane (ATL) or One Person Test Lanes (OPTL installation)