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 Posted: Tue Jun 28th, 2011 09:09 pm
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A standard test lane requires 2 men to operate.

An automated test lane requires 1 man to operate as there is an additional weighin facility and ATL program on the RBT and the lift has play detectors fitted to check suspension and steering components.

OPTL is essentially a half way house where EXISTING test stations can fit the play detectors to the lift/pit and keep the standard brake tester whilst being allowed to do a one man test. As you are not existing this is no good to you...

Acceptable equipment link can be found here...

Essentially you just need a way in to VOSA to have a meaningful conversation i.e finding a helpful VE. My advice is to search online for some equipment suppliers and talk to them, (You could use my name as guidance on this as well!) Speaking to several of these companies will make you life a whole lot easier as these companies do everything including planning application so all you have to do is satisfy yourself you are speaking to the right company, and speaking to a few you will be able to draw a more balanced opinion!