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 Posted: Tue Jun 28th, 2011 09:48 pm
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Bottom line you go for complient second or new you can go one person testing as an ATL...

If you go 2nd hand look for continuity in spares availablility, no point saving money if it falls apart after 5 minutes and can't be fixed. New kit can be bought now under a lease so you pay next to nothing on the entire bay and its very tax efficient.

The very question you are raising is self-answering! you are considering 2nd hand to save money and equipment manufacturers have a bottom product to get people up and running as cheaply as possible, after all its a competitve market! Such products are not necessarily future proofed. An honest company will advise you appropriately and your questioning here definately will stand you in good stead - after all forewarned is forearmed!

My advice: go for new upgradeable equipment to keep your costs down whilst keeping your options to meet the known future legislation changes.

As far as the lack of continuuiity in paperwork and web details... get used to it! I was at a sign off this week for one of my customers and the VE downloaded the latest sign off sheet from their intranet. It still had pre-Jan 2010 dimensional regulations on as the VE's reference point! :D