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 Posted: Sun Nov 20th, 2011 09:51 pm
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trade master, don't we love 'em

the garage i work at has a trade master kit installed and yes maha repair/service the equipment

brake rollers; constant problems with the rollers not stopping (fully automatic)and MAHA had to weld the adjuster back to together after it snapped, it held the motorin place to keep the chain drive to the rollers at the correct tention.

smoke and gas tester: it went through 5 printers in the first 6mths of the year, MAHA put a software update, told us 10-15minuits, 2 1/2 hrs later he finshed it, he had to do a full back to factory settings and start from scratch. we found the major problem with it though, it say's "made in france" on the back

ramp; the grip paint starting to come off no surprise really as it is 4yrs old

headlight aim tester; spot on no issues what so ever


wheel balancer; bastard bloody thing, it was the biggest heap of s**t i have had ever had to work with. it would crash half way through balancing a wheel, you could spin it twice and it would give to completely differnet reading.

to balance a wheel you would have to turn it on, set it up, spin the wheel up bang the wieght's on and turn off the balancer, and repeat the above.

it turned out the curuit board was fooked and would cost £600+vat +fitting. it gone now and been replaced by a bradbury balancer.