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 Posted: Mon Feb 20th, 2012 07:52 pm
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I just typed a verbose reply and then it told me the reply was too big- AGH!!!

I will try again!

The machine works 100% fine other than the MTM.

The MTM-extended (checked and it is an extended - the label says part number 1 687 022 951) was on a com port that did not exist, hence it kept moaning about it.

If you dont mind checking what your device confiig screen shows that would be great.

If you have a look in device manager too - and unplug/plug in the MTM (just pull the usb from its underside), do you get any com port devices or just the HID device like I do?

I have just set the interface to none for now to stop it complaining about it.

Thanks for the help, this is VERY much appreciated.


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