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 Posted: Thu Nov 1st, 2012 12:44 am
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Hi All,

We have recently Adopted a "New to Us Member" of Staff, at "Front of House",:( Who used to work at one of our "chosen" or not, "Your Preference", supermarket retail chains,;) That, "Thrive" On "Statistics"!:shock:

They have "Attended" one of those, "One Day", "Brainwashing"! "Seminars" on "Statistics" and now "Think"?:? That they are really "Qualified" and are Growing a Pair!:shock: 

"An Inspection"? Surely? "takes as long as it takes"? The "National Average", Is about 48 minutes? some vehicles take less time and some vehicles take more time to carry out an inspection correctly?:?

"This New Introduction"? "driven by an "acountant"!:shock: and an "Outsider"?:shock: Is Expecting a "non atl" test lane to carry out "All" Vehicle Inspections, In, 0.75 mins??:shock: My Average Is, = 48 mins.;)

What Now?:?

Do I Try to to "Educate" "such persons"??.... Or "Bail"??:?