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 Posted: Tue Nov 20th, 2012 11:55 pm
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Hi kit1958,;)

Sorry forgot to mention it was a first registered 2009 vehicle in for it`s First MOT, the "original", "NT" just clicked the "select vehicle" option, not expecting the "Citroen" Dealer, to have "Registered" the "Vehicle" Details "Incorrectly" at the "Date of First Registration", With DVLA.:shock: 

I Don`t understand How? "They", The "Citroen" Dealer, After Three Years of "Dealer Sevicing", can present a vehicle for it`s first MOT, with the "vehicle" details, registered with DVLA, "Still" Incorrect!:shock: (Rant!);)

I "Abandoned" the original inspection re-test, selecting the "Incorrect Vehicle Details" option, and finally, after many phone calls, managed to speak to the "VOSA" Advisors, (helpdesk).

They, Advised, That A New, "Full Inspection", should be "Registered", On Comp, and  "select", the "search from the vsi" option, and "select" the "Correct" Vehicle Details, for the "Vehicle" Presented.;)

Also, To Inform them, the "Citroen" Dealer, of "Their" "Original", "Bad", and "Advise" Them, to contact DVLA, to "Resolve" their Original Issue.;) 

"Rant"! Over.;)


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