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 Posted: Fri Jan 11th, 2013 09:24 pm
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ivorbiggin wrote:
kit1958 wrote: Its been a while since i was involved with class 7 but from mem if both front wheels lock and each rear pulls over 100kg and its unloaded its deamd tobe ok. If both p b lock what more can you do?

On class 4 rember to use the wieght from the rbt in the vts, & you are required to keep the printout.

Hope that helps

Where does it say the vehicle has to be unloaded?

Also, provided more than half of the braked wheels lock out, its a pass on efficiency. That goes for both service and parking brake

if the class 7 vehicle is not unloaded then it needs to either lock at least 3 wheels or be above 50% service brake efficiency & parking brake over 16% or both locked .
if the vehicle is unloaded & both front wheels lock , both rears pull 100kg & the parking brake locks both sides then it will pass regardless of % efficiency .
just remember to tick the unladen box on brake results entry .