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 Posted: Sun Feb 9th, 2014 02:06 pm
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A while back i heard rumours surrounding it will be an MOT fail to remove a DPF on a diesel car if one was fitted as standard.

Fair enough i thought. There are reasonable and rational reasons for this.

I wasn't aware until recently the same ammendment to the test will mean a cat being removed on a diesel will also be a fail.

Is this right?

I ask because i previously learned that if a petrol car has a gas conversion on it, it no longer goes through the cat emissions test and a removed cat is not a fail.

Likewise with the old petrol engines that never used a lambda sensor on the cat.

Diesels also don't have a lambda sensor on the cat, or a cat emissions test so it doesn't seem consistent to fail them for this.

I've recently had a turbo back performance exhaust system fitted to my Ibiza 1.9TDi and the large bore downpipe doesn't have a cat anymore.

Someone suggested to satisfy the MOT inspector i may get away with welding cat heatshields onto the downpipe to give the appearance that the cat is still present. Obviously i wouldn't expect anyone here to endorse or encourage this but realistically what problems could i encounter at the MOT if i was to do this?