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 Posted: Tue Feb 12th, 2008 01:35 pm
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Yes I can confirm Tecalmit have a very poor service record in north wales area..... We had a 3500 single phase 4 post lift.... first to fail was the bridge rectifier... a few quid from a local electrical parts retailer.... Tecalmit could not get there for a few weeks... and we had a car stuck on there and customer was waiting!!!


After that a relay failed.... I had already diagnosed the problem but they sent out a 3rd party repairer... and he also found the relay had failed..because we needed the lift then I had to modify another relay to get it to work.... after a lot of hassle a relay arrived.!!


NOW.... we are having problems with a class 7, 6500kg, 4 post, 3 phase ramp...and we have relay problems with that one too!! We are still waiting for the relay.. about 3 weeks so far! We had to manualy use the lift using the levers on top of the relays to activate the contacts and the valve on the resevoir to lower the lift.


As we have only had Tecalmit equipment we can not comment on other manufacturers.

But  arn't these units rebadged from another manufacturer???