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 Posted: Thu Nov 13th, 2014 11:36 am
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I am currently applying for information from DVSA regarding the official published "list of acceptable equipment" which I can see is totally out of date...

There is a specific problem with respect to ATL brake testers - those that are shown show out of date approvals, wrong software versions and many of those listed as approved do not even work to the SN-08 procedure!

Whilst this doesn't cause any safety issues since the VTS device makes the calculation on imbalance, the lack of product control / confirmation not to use old ATL's in automated mode greatly increases the risk that the correct testing procedure may not being followed for the brake inspection; as there is no observe on earlier ATL programs for service brakes or M1 single lines systems.

All of the special notices I have found published on the website tell you to continue to use such products but ignore the prompts.. :shock:

Under FOI rules I have requested information on ATL stations approved since 23rd June 2014 (there is logic in this datum for analysis) but of course I was already aware that this affects every ATL VTS from 2005 onwards which will form a seperate FOI enquiry in due course..

So a simple question to finish, does SN-08 still stand for "Brake Performance Changes"?