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 Posted: Thu May 28th, 2015 09:22 am
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Ultimately you are looking at a balance between meeting the dimensional requirements and the costs associated with such an installation. I presume that you are minimum leg length for the bay but if not;

a) you could go for steps at the non drive on end and relocate the headlight tester between pit and RBT although you will have to recess the HLA rails...

b) Another alternative would be to install a pit with no steps and have a removeable set available.... That gains you 1.5m immediately!!

c) Drive the vehicle over the entire length of the pit so you can gain access, jack and move the vehicle back to the turnplates / play detector - (requires a good quality jacking beam)

Drop me a DM with some contact details if you'd like to discuss further this or other options... I can also point you in the direction of at least a couple of excellent pit suppliers who are significantly less expensive than the big boys in this area...

Overall however I do agree that there is a discrepancy between the minimum dimensional requirements and practicality but as you will learn - there are plenty of those in the scheme!

KR, Ashley

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