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 Posted: Sun Mar 2nd, 2008 11:43 pm
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Hi, We look at every aspect of Your Vehicle during an Examination. 

Throughout the examination, We inspect every Item listed in the MOT Testing Manual And more! We Pass, Fail or Advise on what We See.

Some Items that are recommended for replacement during a Service, eg; Brake Pads at 3mm, are a pass and advise, as are Brake Discs.

Afew Years ago an insecure Battery was a fail, but now according to the Powers to Be, Its an advise.

Your Airbag Light is an Advise, Screenwashers Have To provide sufficient screenwash delivery, And Your Wipers have to clear the screen effectively, Athough An Inch on the edge of each Wiper, may be deteriorating/split and become A pass and advise.

Steering Wheel alignment is not an MOT issue, Although during our very short movement of your vehicle, in and out of The Test Bay, If found would be an advise.