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 Posted: Mon Mar 27th, 2017 02:10 pm
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castrolrob wrote: if you look at the snapped section there will generally be a really small semicircular section with rust on it about the size of your little fingernail.this is the initial crack,generally on a corroded surface that isn't generally visible on a test,the rest of the snapped section will be a clean break with no rust on it,this is where the spring parted company completely due to the previously induced weak spot.most common on vehicles that have been stood or not had much use for a while but can happen pretty much anytime on of the banes of our lives,i had one snap on a motor as I drove it off the ramp after test!

Did it fail then?

I agree, with everyone, these can snap anytime. (correct me if I'm wrong) The MOT tester is primarily looking to see if it has already snapped at time of test.  Pretty impossible I would say to spot one that is "about to fail".

Agree also that when you get it off the car the rusted part of the cross-section will be very small, but leading to a corrosion fatigue failure.