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 Posted: Wed Jul 4th, 2018 12:05 pm
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its not massively over is it?also somewhat unusual to have a vivaro that revs!check the basics first,air/fuel filters,is the egr jamming,how old is the oil?stuff like that,if all checks out ok take it out and wring its neck with maybe an injector conditioner or similar poured in first(preferably direct into the fuel filter) and given an hour or twos running to give it a fighting chance of having some sort of effect rather than pouring a bottle in and smoke testing it again instantly and being surprised by it still failing:shock:shame is this reading last year would be a fast pass as in better than normal,this year its a fail:Xto be honest the brake pipes are the main issue(assuming the balljoints don't fall off on his way home!)you say the smoke limit is low for this type of van?most have a plated limit of 0.50 or thereabouts,this ones limit is relatively high.