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 Posted: Tue Jul 24th, 2018 02:22 am
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having the same probs,all the way up to about 10/11 plate.tested a tranny Saturday,2001,plated for 0.7,not a hope in hell.most of these motors never read that low when they were new,just that it never got checked.boils down to the gvmnt want non dpf motors off the road without having to pay compensation.whats the best way to achieve that?yup,get us suckers to take the flak for ive mentioned in other posts the crooks/bent testers think its f***ing Christmas,pretty sure ive already bought a few carribean holidays for some of the local time you get a bad one heres an experiment for you,take the reg and check it a week or two later,itll have passed and you now have the name and address of one of your local dodgys on the ticket.