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 Posted: Wed Sep 16th, 2020 11:35 am
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you dont have an mot,your original post states it expired in have an extension issued due to the covid pandemic.about 2/3 of the way down your fail certificate it will say"if this vehicle is operating under an extension then it is now void and this car must pass an mot before being used on public roads"sorry guy,dont shoot the messenger.this was a gvmnt decision not mine or indeed anyone remotely connected with our trade and yes if you hadnt got it tested at all no one would know any of this and you would have continued driving it till december assuming said balljoint hadnt parted company by then.not exactly an incentive to bring your car in before the extension expires is it?AND YES ALL THIS HAS BEEN POINTED OUT TO THE GVMNT DPTS RESPONSIBLE!all we do is hand the paperwork out and take the crap for it all...i have heard that some of the extensions dont get voided till a day or two after the fail but weve received no official guidance on any of ive already mentioned the fault generally has to be dangerous(and if so it should be listed as such on the failure)and if listed as major its not such an issue although it will still void your exemption.having an mot doesnt make you immune,as a for instance if the plod pull you for a bald tyre they dont care how much ticket youve got,youll generally get a 14 day producer to get it fixed.if their records show you failed on it last week and are still driving then remaining mot or not they will generally hand you the 3 points cos its a defect of which they could prove you were i said the main change is stuff like this can now be proved rather easily.