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 Posted: Thu Sep 17th, 2020 02:19 am
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ok guy,lets try again.if your vehicle fails a test you are only supposed to drive it from a pre booked place of repair/ your case your home then back for a test if the vehicle fails on only major defects ok?if your vehicle fails on a dangerous defect(and this includes stuff like bald tyres/worn out pads)then you aint supposed to drive it at all,this is highlighted on the fail ticket concerned to make that clear.the fact that theres any ticket remaining or not doesnt matter.yup many folks drive round for a few days till they get a chance to get it done on the strength of an unexpired ticket but you aint supposed to.assuming its got mot(and yours hasnt)it doesnt void the original test and you could get it taxed etc as normal but in the event of(worst case)accident/injury or similar caused/contributed to by a failure item you would be i mentioned on my original reply most folks get away with it and you would have to be pretty unlucky to get done particularly under the current situation but you asked how you stood so ive tried to tell you what youre supposed to do and whats allowed and what aint.anything else i can help you with?