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 Posted: Mon Sep 21st, 2020 07:09 am
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the extension kicked in at the busiest time of the year-march regs-and ended at the second busiest time-sept regs.we are now doing the extensions from a busy time along with the ones that would be keeping us busy to begin with.the ministry suggest we get folks in early etc etc,do more tests/staff etc but havent yet suggested how we justify all the above when it comes to a shuddering halt next april when most of us will see little but tumbleweed for the next few months along with the added bonus of laying off/shutting down this mythical staff/eqpmnt increase.all the above ignores basic stuff like the amount of smaller test stations/one man bands that went to the wall cos of the extension in the first place thus reducing capacity even further let alone actually repairing the ones that fail cos all your techs are tied up with testing the f***ing things in the first place and as a result all you can do is wave happily at the trade that drives out your door to go early for xmas.....and yes,in case you hadnt guessed we as a trade are pretty pissed off with the whole not even gonna touch on the ministry running for cover and stopping all tests while WE were assured it was safe to continue and to get on with it....