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 Posted: Mon Nov 1st, 2021 11:29 am
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Hi & welcome to the forum.

The design of, and MOT rules for motorcycle headlamps are different from the car test. The motorcycle requirements state...

"On twin headlamp systems, one or both headlamps may operate on either beam"

A number of manufacturers now fit seperate designs of twin headlamps arrangements, with one lamp for dip & one for main beam which switch on or off when main or dipped beam is selected. For example the left hand headlamp is dipped beam only, right hand is main beam only. The (left hand) dipped beam lamp will switch off when main beam is selected & the (right hand) main beam will switch on, and vice versa. This is acceptable by design and for MOT.

However, from your post, switching appears to be intermittent, which may need investigating before test.