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 Posted: Sat Nov 6th, 2021 01:34 pm
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Paul S wrote:
Hi and welcome to the forum,
Am a class 4 tester & your question is for class 1,2 & 3 so its the thought that counts..

Hi Paul, Thank you for your reply. :)

Stealth wrote:
Hi & welcome to the forum.
The design of, and MOT rules for motorcycle headlamps are different from the car test. The motorcycle requirements state...

"On twin headlamp systems, one or both headlamps may operate on either beam"

However, from your post, switching appears to be intermittent, which may need investigating before test.

Hi Stealth, Thank you for your reply. :)

Yes I've seen that on large/sports motorbikes as they tend to have different design/shaped headlights for each function.

The headlights on this scooter are a mirror image of each other with the same numbers on the back (maybe P/N) and same LED bulb wattage ratings stamped on the back.
Manually applying 12v then trying 15v to them seems to produce the same intensity beam from both light clusters at the same angle. The mountings seem identical as well.
So this is why it's puzzling.

I have investigated the intermittent switching which seems to be a feature of 'Chinese' build quality & materials.
Non-moisture proof connectors with weak/no interlocking features on the blades.
I have removed some corrosion and re-bent connectors but I think I will replace with waterproof connectors and maybe even directly rewire the switch/relay & light clusters.

I'll let you know what happens. :D