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 Posted: Fri Mar 28th, 2008 11:51 pm
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Zero drift errors mean your machine is clogged up with soot. Our old one was bad for it despite being able to calibrate it whilst mucky, it only takes one bad car to bung the system up. Our new one is a Boston machine and has two lenses which occasionally need taking out and wiping with a clean rag, the good thing is you can tell from the reading on the screen if it's going to throw a wobbly and usually whipping out a lense acts as a quick fix. Not sure about snap on one despite having it demo'd but I would've thought whoever sold you it or installed would've given a demo on keeping it clean.

Also found with this one if you test it at slightly below 80 degrees and it fails it goes onto a second test and asks you to get the engine up to 80 degrees.

By rights you should be repeating the test as what proof do you have that the car has failed to meet the required limits?