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 Posted: Tue Mar 10th, 2009 06:45 pm
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The Mot Tester


KevG wrote: I think most of us use the trade forum now don't we Wes.

Some don't know how?:D

Here is a technical question guys.

We have just tested a Ford Fiesta 52 reg, the rear service brakes rate of change had 100Kgf indifference in their operating range from start.

One of our technicians has cleaned and adjusted the brakes, the result, no different.

Then he changed the brakes shoes, the old ones to me seemed ok, the result, no difference, then, he changed the wheel cylinders, the result no difference.

Then he reprimed all the brakes and we tried again, no different?

The brake drums are mint, the car has covered 48000 miles from new.

Any suggestions or help much appreciated guys:D