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 Posted: Wed Apr 11th, 2007 09:07 pm
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its now been around 2 months since we had our atl fitted. We had a few problems with the installation!!! So far so good. We had a scissor lift from Rav fitted. We had this because we were short on space and this was the only option. A scissor is nt as wide as a four poster. And we had also heard reports that the four poster ramps were having problems with the mounting bolts coming out of the concrete due to the amount of movement caused by the shaker plates.

Like i said its going well. It doesn t really take much more time than the assistant method. I definitly prefer to use the atl lane. The shaker plates work really well. It really does put a  great deal of load on the suspension joints. Especially good with the bigger VW and Audi s with those two upper and lower suspension ball joints! I also use the side to side shaker plate to check the rear suspension joints as well as the front. It really does shake the vehicle that much. The other plate on the other side moves the steering just enough to check the track rod ends and rack security. But i have found that it is sometimes good to check the suspension joint using both shaker plates because it puts the front suspension joints under different angles of movement and loads.  The only one thing i find a bit of a pain is you have to lower the ramp down again to drive the vehicle from the shaker plates to the free moving turning plates to do the lock to lock check and to check for any stiffness in the steering. And it can be awkward doing the lock to lock check yourself. It can be a bit difficult to hold the steering on a lock while checking for any fouling, ie wheel chafing on inner wing. But it depends on the vehicle. so you may need an assistant for that check.  But overall its very good. I do feel more confident with the result of a test  on a atl because i feel the suspension joints have been tested more vigorously.  Especially with the more complicated suspension setups.

The brake tester is also from rav. Once again so far so good. The brake test is very simple and the computer screen instructions and results are simple and easy to read and understand. So much so the vosa man commented on how easy it was to follow the on screen instruction, which cant be bad. The one extra thing we did was to have another computer screen fitted to the wall just pass the rollers to help see the instruction because the main unit is at the end of the ramp and the old man was worried that he couldn t see the screen propertly. We used a small lcd flat screen so it didn t intrude to much into the bay. And yes we can test 4WD vehicles. even though we haven t done many. We need to build up our confidence with it!! Costs alot of money to fix it!! Ive tested a subaru legacy 4wd and a Tata 4wd. Cant remember the model now. Not many of them about. Was the first mot though. when testing, one roller goes one direction and the other goes the other direction. Clever stuff.

Overall its very good and also is looks good when testing. At the moment because its new and not many of them about we re always getting comments from trade and customers and they always comment on how well it tests there vehicle. They always seem impressed. And like i said i before i feel it test s the vehicle better and at the end of each test i feel  more confident with the result.

We do about 6 to 8 tests a day on the atl and so far we ve had no problems.

Hopefully this has answered some of your queries and sorry for taking so long to get back to you all.