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 Posted: Sun Jan 27th, 2013 03:00 pm
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Joined: Sun Apr 5th, 2009
Location: Durham, United Kingdom
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was anyone at the newcastle,hoiday inn venue, on the 4th jan this year?

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 Posted: Sat Jan 26th, 2013 05:47 am
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Our seminar was held at a top rated Five Star Hotel, the buffet provided was indeed Excellent! although a little crowded/popular.;)

The Presentation, was carried out professionally by a familiar face, and the speakers were more Local to the Area,:) unlike last years "suits"?:shock:

The "old chesnut" about test fees did arise, as you whinge, "WHY"?:? It`s Your Choice!:P

The Only thing I regret,:(  Is not reading the MOT Seminar brochure/paperwork, prior to the question and answer part? which on page 6 mentions American pick ups,use of the temperature probe for emissions testing and another look at the coil spring criteria mentioned last year?:? 

ps;- Did You, miss out on the in house made cheescake with fresh friut berries??:) 


pps;- i`m pretty sure some of our members will fill in the blanks.;)





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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2013 01:23 pm
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has any body got any feedback on this years seminar i attended our local venue with our other tester and thought it was quite poor on years gone by it was as if they had nothing to fill up the evening with other than eu directives.

the old chesnut come up about test fees by concerned garage owners after being told they may have to upgrade there equipment at there own cost but were fobbed off with the price is up to the garage.

a lot of garage owners were saying the price they are having to charge now to stay competative is what they were charging 15 years ago, and to stay open there costs are now at a level were is it worth putting in more revenue or just shut the doors 

i know i am not alone on this as quite a few people left the venue before it finished.

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