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Advice required on upgrading ramp.  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Fri Dec 25th, 2015 11:09 pm
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Hi Guys, Just found this forum while looking online trying to find a answer to a question.

I currently own a class 4 MOT station (Cant go class 7 due to roof and door height.) Which has one 3 ton class 4 ramp floor mounted.

I bought my station as a running VTS so retained the grandfather rights, Ive been looking to upgrade my MOT Ramp and ive been offered a class 7 ATL ramp from a garage my friend is closing down and i was interested in buying it to upgrade my own ramp, But ive never upgraded equipment or done anything like this.

Would i be able to fit a class 7 ramp and use it as class 4 ?

Would i need to countersink it into the floor or could i mount it on the floor level.

Would i need to inform DVSA and submit drawings to the changes ?

Sorry if any of these questions are silly im just unsure with the procedures.


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