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Front lights required  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Sep 21st, 2020 09:20 am
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think you might have to mot it before they let you register it here but thats by the by,lets stay with lights.front fogs aint required at that age,work or not is irrelevant to us.front sides combined with headlights are also fine as long as they arent dim dip or summat daft-i.e seperate lamps,many cars use em.make sure your brighter headlamps arent led/hid conversions fitted to a reflector headlamp-not allowed.flashers sound fine as long as visible/operating/amber etc,your side markers arent part of the test and again side indicator repeaters arent rqrd at that age(tho they will make it safer)your rear lamps will probably have red indicators,they need to be orange and the sides red.lastly make sure your replacement headlamps are for a rhd car as opposed to lhd,the beam patterns differ

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 Posted: Sat Sep 19th, 2020 07:11 pm
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Hello, I have a 1968 Ford Mustang just imported from the US and not registered yet. I want to get an MOT although it’s not legally required. The photo shows the front lights. I want to change how they work and need to know if it will pass the MOT if I do.
My plan is to change the headlights for brighter ones that include a built in sidelight. I already have these ready to fit, along with the headlight loom required.
There are two lower lights on each side. The forward facing one is called a ‘park and turn light’. I think we would call that a ‘sidelight and indicator’. It has a dual element bulb. Both elements give white light. I want to fit a single element amber LED, and use it only as an indicator.
I also want to convert the ‘side markers’ to become side flashers that will blink in time with the indicators, again with amber LEDs. That would mean the only sidelights would be the ones inside the headlamp enclosures.
I know I will need to use an electronic flasher unit to make the LEDs work. I am also converting the rear lights to LEDs.
So, my first question is whether the car will pass the MOT with that new front light arrangement?
Second question Is about the fog lights. Am I right in thinking it will fail if they are not working?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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